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Heart Music Box


Custom Heart Shaped Music Box with Custom Song

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The Tabor music box accepts paper strips and can play any song!


The music box uses a unique kind of mechanism that uses a paper strip to play the song. Holes punched into the paper activate gears within the music box which play the notes. Because it accepts paper strips, you can also use the same music box to play multiple songs.

This music box is made from walnut, and has a natural beeswax finish. Because it’s a natural wood, the color can vary from box to box, but if you like, I can stain the wood to get different colors. I can also customize the design of the top of the music box! We also use a higher quality version of the 30-note music box mechanism that has metal gears, and honor a 1-year limited warranty on all our music boxes! 🙂

Please note: the top of the box does not open.

Each kit includes:

1. 30-note music box movement,
2. Hole punch tool, and
3. Blank paper strips.

You can also add:

1. an engraved wooden enclosure, and
2. a custom song of your choice!


We can make a music box arrangement of almost any song! The song will come as a punched out paper strip which you can feed into the music box to play the song. We found that an arrangement of around 1-minute 30-seconds usually works best for the music boxes.

A large portion of our earnings goes to the original creators/owners of the song. We get in touch with the song’s music publishers to get permission to make an arrangement of their music.

You can hear an audio preview of one of our custom music box arrangements on iTunes using the link below:



Check out some of the songs I’ve already made at:


All of these songs are also compatible with the music box.


The music box comes with free shipping to anywhere in the United States!

Once we finish making the music box, we use USPS which usually takes about 3-7 days. If you’d like the music box delivered on a certain day, let us know! We might be able to make arrangements for faster shipping.

We usually only ship within the United States, and not internationally; however, definitely let us know if you’d like us to try to send one outside of the USA. International shipping can sometimes take up to 2 months.


The Tabor Music Box Company is a small music publishing company located in Randolph, Vermont run by Giovanni and Sierra Tabor. We make custom music boxes and custom songs. If there’s anything we can do to help, or if you’d just like to say hi, you can contact us anytime at:

+1 802.622.1151
contact [!at] tabormusicbox.com


We feel strongly about supporting artists and composers.

The Tabor Music Box Company acquires a license from music publishing companies before making or selling a music box strip. A large portion of our income goes to supporting the original artists and the owners of the song. For more information, please contact us at: contact [!at] tabormusicbox.com.


Please contact us, we’d love to help! You can reach us anytime at:

+1 802.622.1151
contact [!at] tabormusicbox.com


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